For Who

REDTREE Event IT Solutions provides full service IT solutions to any party who wants to present or communicate or would like to provide the services required. This way REDTREE provides partial, or full service solutions to:

The requirements of your customers increase rapidly and they see new IT solutions in our business. The problem is that you don’t have the expertise to know if, and how these new innovations have an added value and what they can offer to your customer.

IT and digital communication increase rapidly. The demands of your customers increase and you would like to improve your market position. A General contractor who can provide this, gets the job.

IT, multimedia and digital communications are ever increasing. Your customer is making increasing demands. The location which can provide these products has the best chance.

As an organiser, you have a lot to do. Not only are you responsible for the stability and growth of the event, you and the team are also responsible for preparations and the actual event.

Put your focus during your exhibition where it is the most important; bringing in leads, closing deals and increasing your network.