IT and digital communication increase rapidly. The demands of your customers increase and you would like to improve your market position. When you can can provide these services, you get the job. Avoid falling behind on your competition and potentially loosing your customers. Use REDTREE and add a unique selling point for your company.

You don’t need to invest as REDTREE is a full-service provider and can take care of your IT project from A to Z. If you already have suppliers for certain parts that’s no problem. We will be happy to work with them. At the end we all have the same goal; a happy customer who likes doing business with you.

REDTREE will have meetings with you or, if you wish, directly with you client. We can provide offers to you so you stay in the lead or alternatively directly to the customer. Our offers are complete and transparent. You will clearly have the added value for your customer.

You will get:

More orders
More repeat customers
Less hassle
Strong position in your market
An extra unique selling point
Working, powerful IT solutions and  just one party who takes care of everything. That’s what REDTREE stands for. We selected the following solutions. For a complete overview: >>Full Service Solutions

Consultancy Events and IT are not always an easy combination. What is the quality of the venue? And if you are an administrator of a venue, what does your prospect want and how do you sell that? …more about Consultancy

Apps An App is a small program on your Smartphone. An App makes the information of the event available digitally. Apps are very popular and quickly begin to replace the paper catalog …more about Apps

 Event-TV REDTREE Event TV is a real crowd puller and gives your event extra attention. Use the images for live streaming to Internet or create a gripping movie as acquisition for the next show! …more about Event-TV

Lead Generation “A fact is a fact”. A well known saying that is difficult to refute. The REDTREE Lead Generation system offers exhibitors the opportunity to easily  capture vital information from possible prospects …more about Lead Generation

Twittertrees Twitter is a modern and interactive way of communication during an event. Report the latest developments, innovations and interesting speakers and let your visitors give the event extra worldwide attention …more about Twittertrees

D-Posters The REDTREE presentation system offers speakers to upload their presentation in advance on to a website. Stay way all presentations are safely stored on a server …more about D-Posters

Event-Guide Offering your event information on a innovative and easy to use solution. That is what the REDTREE Event Guide provides. It’s fast and easy!  …more about Event-Guide

Narrowcasting The concept of “narrowcasting” is also known as “Digital Signage and Information”. This means that from a central location, the image of all screens can be individually determined. …more about Narrowcasting

Visitor Registration REDTREE visitor registration ensures rapid processing of registrations for your event. Prior to the event you send the invitations from the system making sure you keep in close contact with your possible visitors …more about visitor registration

Voting Systems The REDTREE Voting Systems increase the interaction between the speaker and the audience considerably. It increases the involvement of the audience and let them enjoy it more.…more about voting systems

Webcasting Webcasting enables your meeting or event to be directly live visible on the internet. Using cameras on location, the footage is sent via the internet directly onto your website. …more about webcasting

Presentation Systems The REDTREE D-Poster presentation system offers speakers to upload their presentation in advance on to a website. All presentations are safely stored on a server. With just one click in the portal you can check who has, and even better, who has not submitted his presentation yet  …more about presentation systems

You have found a venue for your event, but there are not proper or adequate internet connections or networks? Then REDTREE as your partner will install a temporary network. This ensures a fast and professional network. You will welcome your guests with pride. We selected the following network services for you. For an overview of all networks: >>Networks

Wifi networks Wireless networks offer the freedom of movement and access to the internet without wires. With the huge increase in use of  internet and social media, Wifi therefore has become indispensable….more about wifi

Internet Whether it comes to internet connections with a low or very high speed, REDTREE delivers it to you. You no longer have to dependent on the facilities of a location. We even can provide connections at locations where no internet connection is available at all. …more about  internet

Wired networks (fiber / CAT / coax) REDTREE networks are fast and reliable. You connect to your network and the internet wherever you want. Your location has no or insufficient, data infrastructure needed for the work or presentations. …more about wired networks

Relay (dish) In some cases, a wired connection is not possible or too costly. This can have various causes, such as the lack of an internet or in the absence of an internet connection with sufficient capacity. …more about relay

REDTREE hardware is professional and versatile and REDTREE only works with modern equipment. We selected the following hardware for you. For a complete overview:  >>Hardware

Computers, laptops, tablets Renting computers, laptops or tablets has a big advantage over the bringing and using your own equipment. You do not need transportation, it is not missed in your office and you avoid the inconvenience of installation, damage or theft….more about computers, laptops en tablets

Internet- and information kiosk Information- or internet kiosks are an ideal way to show your product or event information in a clear and fun way. Use them for an online survey, a nice product presentation or for information about the event. …more about internet- and information kiosks

Screens Screens come in many shapes and sizes. Which display you choose depends on the application and your budget. …more about screens

Printers Printers are roughly divided into 3 models in which the application more or less determined what your best choice is …more about printers

Multifunctionals Multifunctionals are very useful devices that can save you a lot of money. Had you used a fax machine, phone connection, printer, copier and scanner, now you can replace it with a multifunctional and an internet connection. …more about multifunctionals

Servers Servers are a critical component in a network. They store your information and control who may access what information and how it is made available. In addition, a server can ensure that in case of a ‘crash‘, damage or ‘power down’ your data is not lost. …more about servers

Network Components Network components are essential parts of your networks. They ensure the proper distribution of the data stream making sure your are connected to a fast and reliable network. Which device is best to use depends on the type of network….more about network components

Internetcafé’s Internet cafes are an indispensable part of your event. Through the clever setup and software our internet cafes give maximum branding and provide an innovative look to your event. …more about internetcafé’s 

Imaging Imaging is a method to install software on a lot of computers at the same time. This is useful for example, the computers used for registration or presentation. …more about imaging