Full Service Solutions

Full Service Solutions

Working, powerful IT solutions and  just one party who takes care of everything. That is what REDTREE stands for.

REDTREE provides Services and Solutions developed for small and large events. They are accurate and reliable. It is down to you to choose what best suits your event needs. You can concentrate on the organisation of the event and the day to day business. We support you with our IT solutions.

REDTREE provides full service. With consultation and clear agreements in advance, you will not be unpleasantly surprised with additional costs afterwards.

We will inform you about new possibilities and solutions that add value to your event. So rest assured that the right decisions will be made. We install the software on professional equipment and if you want, you can always use your own equipment and suppliers.

Examples of our solutions:

Events and IT are not always an easy combination. What is the quality of the venue? And if you are an administrator of a venue, what does your prospect want and how do you sell that? >> more about consultancy
IT Support/Hostess
To rent your IT facilities is the first step, but managing these during the event is an important second step. REDTREE delivers exactly the people you need. >> more about IT Support /Hostess
An App is a small program on your Smartphone. An App makes the information of the event available digitally. Apps are very popular and quickly begin to replace the paper catalog.. >>more about Apps
Event TV
REDTREE Event TV is a real crowd puller and gives your event extra attention. Use the images for live streaming to Internet or create a gripping movie as acquisition for the next show! >> more about Event TV
Lead Generation
“A fact is a fact”. A well known saying that is difficult to refute. The REDTREE Lead Generation system offers exhibitors the opportunity to easily  capture vital information from possible prospects.. >> more about Lead Generation
Twitter is a modern and interactive way of communication during an event. Report the latest developments, innovations and interesting speakers and let your visitors give the event extra worldwide attention.. >>more about Twittertrees
The REDTREE presentation system offers speakers to upload their presentation in advance on to a website. Stay way all presentations are safely stored on a server.. >>more about D-Posters
Offering your event information on a innovative and easy to use solution. That is what the REDTREE Event Guide provides. It’s fast and easy! >> more about Event Guide
The concept of “narrowcasting” is also known as “Digital Signage and Information”. This means that from a central location, the image of all screens can be individually determined.. >> more about narrowcasting
Visitor registation
REDTREE visitor registration ensures rapid processing of registrations for your event. Prior to the event you send the invitations from the system making sure you keep in close contact with your possible visitors.. >> more about visitor registration
Voting systems
The REDTREE Voting Systems increase the interaction between the speaker and the audience considerably. It increases the involvement of the audience and let them enjoy it more.. >> more about voting systems
Webcasting enables your meeting or event to be directly live visible on the internet. Using cameras on location, the footage is sent via the internet directly onto your website.. >> more about webcasting
Presentation systems
The REDTREE D-Poster presentation system offers speakers to upload their presentation in advance on to a website. All presentations are safely stored on a server. With just one click in the portal you can check who has, and even better, who has not submitted his presentation yet.. >> more about presentation systems
Video conferencing
Videoconferencing is an ideal way to have a meeting with people across the world without being in the same country. Regarding videoconferencing there are 2 concepts.. >>more about video conferencing
The technique of RFID and NFC both have their own use and in some cases offer excellent solutions.. >>RFID/NFC