An App is a small program on your Smartphone. An App makes the information of the event available digitally. Apps are very popular and quickly begin to replace the paper catalog. An app is an innovative way to provide your information to your visitor. The Apps of REDTREE are suitable for Iphone (/ Ipad), Android and Blackberry.


Your advantages:

no longer need paper catalog

easy to navigate menus and sponsorship opportunities

modern and innovative image

data (content) per day to renew
As an extra service you can also offer your app on a tablet (iPad / Android). REDTREE delivers this tablet, with the App to visitors who like to have a larger screen, or are not in possession of a Smartphone or skills to work with the Smartphone.An App can be a great solution for your event but make sure to think it through and if you want to know why or need advice. Just let us know.Tip:
Check if the venue has sufficient Wifi and/or 3G/4G network connectivity. A non-functioning wireless network may cause your App to malfunction or that it is impossible to download or update.