Events and IT are not always an easy combination. What is the IT quality of the venue? And if you are a a sales- or account manager of a venue, what does your prospect want and how do you explain and sell that?

This makes it difficult for you to make the right decisions about IT. Often  “very positive” talks end up in disappointment afterwards.  Agreements are fading and the effect is not as if you had expected. You might see a promising prospect fade away!

REDTREE is the right supporting and providing company on IT. Together with you we look for the best opportunities and help you make the right choice. We participate in meetings with possible suppliers and offer you a thorough analysis. This way you have the temporary additional expertise you need. Work with REDTREE, it saves you time, money and hassle.

Examples of our services:

support your sales team when approaching prospects
short term expansion of your IT possibilities
advice about if and how your current facilities can be upgraded
strategic sales and marketing advice on how to sell your IT
training your own sales team and technical staff knowledge, skills and communication.Read the references from out customers about our consultancy