Event TV Studio

Event TV Studio

REDTREE Event TV is a real crowd puller and gives your event extra attention. Use the images for live streaming to internet or create a gripping movie as acquisition for the next show!

The REDTREE Event TV can broaden the scope of your event far beyond the walls of the location. You combine physical and virtual in an ideal manner.

With REDTREE Event TV you can:

interview your keynoters and stakeholders
increase the range of your event with use of internet
show the latest innovations in the industry
offer your sponsor a wonderful platform by placing their logo or ‘made possible by’ in the footage
generate valuable digital footage to use on the website.

REDTREE Event TV offers you many possibilities. From a fully equipped studio at the fair with multiple cameras to a cameraman and interviewer on the show floor.

Create a summary of the event by making a short promotional film as invitation for next year.