Presentation system

Presentation system

With the REDTREE Presentation system speakers can upload their presentation in advance on to a website. All presentations are safely stored on a server. With just one click in the portal you can check who has, and even better, who has not submitted his presentation yet.
When on site the speaker checks the presentation, performs any last adjustments  in the Presentation Preparation room and test the system. If desired, we add a slide, welcoming the audience and, at the end, inviting them to join you for next years’ edition.

All presentations are in the venue at a central location to be stored and made ​​available over a network. The speaker, when ready, clicks on his presentation and starts. A timeline, which is only visible to speaker, monitors the time making sure everyone sticks to the planning.

Because of centralized storage and network connectivity an ‘overflow’ room can be arranged quickly. That is, if you have the space. On IT it will not be a problem.

Also possible:

audio and video recording of the presentations
video recordings (or compilations) that you can place on your website.
your keynote speakers combination with REDTREE Event TV interview.