Visitor Registration

Visitor Registration

REDTREE visitor registration ensures rapid processing of registrations for your event. Prior to the event you send the invitations from the system, making sure you keep in close contact with your visitors.
The registration page can be built into your website. Additionally the system offers you the possibility to create your own specific website, send a newsletter and send a reminder for those who have not  yet registered. Let exhibitors invite their guests and check the incoming payments for attendance or a presentation.

Through a management portal you will immediately see the sent invitations and a list of people who have not responded or paid yet.

During the event, the REDTREE staff and hostesses ensure the equipment works, that the badges are handed out and that your guests are kindly received. Working with REDTREE gives you the advantage of working only with one company. And of course we travel along with you to the next location.

What type of registration is most suitable, depends on your event. Based on size and complexity, the right system will be selected which can add substantial cost savings and avoid unnecessary work.


You have your own registration and would like to use local hardware vendors? Make use of imaging.