Voting System

The REDTREE Voting Systems increase the interaction between the speaker and the audience considerably. It increases the involvement of the audience and let them enjoy it more. It has been proven the audience remembers more about the presentation when they have been actively involved.

The REDTREE Voting systems allows the audience to vote, or ask questions through text messaging or twittering. A moderator checks the questions and passes the best to the speaker or moderator.
You establish a higher appreciation from the delegates but also from the speaker.
REDTREE Voting Systems consist of 2 possibilities:

voting by individual voting devices
text-/twitter voting (questions possible)

Which system is the best solution? That depends on your audience and the goal you want to achieve. An advantage of the voting boxes is that this is a well known system. Voting via text/twitteris still less known, but certainly offers great advantages. Are you curious about the possibilities for your event? Let us know, we are looking forward answering your question.