REDTREE hardware is professional and versatile and REDTREE only works with modern equipment. We supply from basic equipment up to fully equipped and configured computers, laptops and servers.

We can configure the equipment with specific software and data through imaging. Obviously we can provide all IT hardware you need, configured in a network with on site support. This ensures you that can work immediately upon you arrival.

We define your needs and translate them into a clear and crisp offer. If you wish, we advise you on cost saving alternatives or perhaps new equipment and technologies that make it easier and cheaper.

Examples of our hardware solutions:

Computers, laptops, tablets
Renting computers, laptops or tablets has a big advantage over the bringing and using your own equipment. You do not need transportation, it is not missed in your office and you avoid the inconvenience of installation, damage or theft.. >> more about computer, laptops and tablets
Internet- and Information kiosks
Information- or internet kiosks are an ideal way to show your product or event information in a clear and fun way. Use them for an online survey, a nice product presentation or for information about the event.. >>more about internet- and infomations kiosks
Screens come in many shapes and sizes. Which display you choose depends on the application and your budget.. >>more about screens
Printers are roughly divided into 3 models in which the application more or less determined what your best choice is.. >>more about printers
Multifunctionals are very useful devices that can save you a lot of money. Had you used a fax machine, phone connection, printer, copier and scanner, now you can replace it with a multifunctional and an internet connection.. >>more about multifunctionals 
Servers are a critical component in a network. They store your information and control who may access what information and how it is made available. In addition, a server can ensure that in case of a ‘crash‘, damage or ‘power down’ your data is not lost.. >> more about servers
Switches and hubs
Network components are essential parts of your networks. They ensure the proper distribution of the data stream making sure your are connected to a fast and reliable network. Which device is best to use depends on the type of network.. >>more about switches and hubs
Internet café
Internet cafes are an indispensable part of your event. Through the clever setup and software our internet cafes give maximum branding and provide an innovative look to your event.. >>more about internet café’s
Imaging is a method to install software on a lot of computers at the same time. This is useful for example, the computers used for registration or presentation.. >>more about imaging