You have found a venue for your event, but there are not proper or adequate internet connections or networks? Then REDTREE as your partner will install temporary network. This ensures a fast and professional network. You will welcome your guests with pride.

If no internet is available in the location we can provide one or we can assist you in finding the right supplier and the right product.

Examples of our infrastructure:

Wifi networks
Wireless networks offer the freedom of movement and access to the Internet without wires. With the huge increase in use of  internet and social media, Wifi therefore has become indispensable..>>more about Wifi networks 

Whether it comes to internet connections with a low or very high speed, REDTREE delivers it to you. You no longer have to dependent on the facilities of a location. We even can provide connections at locations where no internet connection is available at all.. >>more about internet 

Wired networks (fiber / CAT / coax)
REDTREE networks are fast and reliable. You connect to your network and the internet wherever you want. Your location has no or insufficient, data infrastructure needed for the work or presentations.. >>more about wired networks 

In some cases, a wired connection is not possible or too costly. This can have various causes, such as the lack of an internet or in the absence of an internet connection with sufficient capacity.There is a network but you are not convinced of the quality or capacity? REDTREE can do a site survey and provide you with a clear report on the quality. Don´t spend a lot of money during the event making expensive fixes and workarounds. We can check it for you.. >>more about relay