REDTREE Event IT Solutions provides full service IT Solutions for exhibitions, conferences, events and their locations.

The objective is to provide a full range of IT products and services to pco’s, organisers, venues, general contractors and exhibitors. The products and services REDTREE are divided into 3 groups.

Full Service Solutions that deliver a fully functional service
Hardware such as computers, laptops, printers, etc
Networks like the internet, local and Wifi networks.REDTREE is based in the Netherlands with an international focus on Western Europe.

REDTREE is thus able to travel with you to any venue you may have chosen.

How it started
Pim Schoonderwoerd has worked for several years at one of the larger venues in Europe, Amsterdam RAI. In  2004 he joined the company as Product Manager IT withPim Schoonderwoerdthe job to translate and expand the RAI IT network into workable solutions for organisers, exhibitors and visitors.His broad interest soon connected him to other leading venues in Europe and suppliers of powerful and innovative new products, specifically suited for the events industry. In 2010, he founded his own company: REDTREE Event IT Solutions.REDTREE now supplies products and services for Amsterdam RAI, Utrecht, Rotterdam Ahoy, MCI Group, Beurs van Berlage, Reed Messe Wien, Easyfairs, ISTH, ERS and many more.

The unique combination of knowledge of ICT and the congress and exhibitions industry makes REDTREE a valuable player. REDTREE knows exactly what is important and what is not. Check our references to see what they have to say about REDTREE.

As an experienced IT partner Pim Schoonderwoerd knows how to translate complex IT technology into to something surprisingly easy. Decisions are transparent and the client actually understands what he is buying.

With Pim Schoonderwoerd, REDTREE speaks the language of the decision makers, managers, but also of the technique. Or as Einstein said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”.