Tips & Tricks on Wifi


Tips & Tricks on Wifi

As we visit a lot of trade shows, congresses and events, we see a lot of issues on Wifi that are not all unavoidable. Below we made a short list of a few things on Wifi that might help you as an event organizer;

The venue and your app:

If you are planning on having an app for your event, check first if the venue has enough Wifi capability. Not enough Wifi capacity could result in a poor working App.

The size of your App:

Let the venue know the size (Mb) of the app.

Make a low budget your advantage:

If you don’t have enough budget to have Wifi coverage everywhere don’t save money on capacity because it will lower the performance (of you app). In stead make Wifi hot spots. That way you can also do some ‘traffic management.’

Useful data!:

Ask the venue to keep log files of the Wifi performance and load (such as bandwidth usage and number of users). These numbers will give you valuable information of the usage but is also great information for your next event. It will be valuable information for the next venue to make sure they provide you with a good Wifi network. It also can show if the bandwidth you ordered was ok or way to much!

Don’t wait untilthe last minute:

When using an app for your event don’t wait until the last weeks of the event to release it (the App store needs some time to review it also). Have the App ready at least one month before the event and promote your delegates to download the App before entering the venue. It reduces stress on the Wifi and also gives people a chance to check out the app.

Wifi is Wifi:

Inform your users that although Wifi is becoming better and better, there still may be ‘weak spots’ due to the venues building specifics. Wifi coverage may be not as good everywhere in the building. It’s like a dog. If you don’t tie it down it may sit with you… or not. Want to be sure? Use a cable..

Need more? Let us know!